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Olive + Elliot

began when we shifted our thinking from clothing as a petroleum and chemical product to an agricultural one.  Rooting our transparent supply chains in local ecological farming is an opportunity for climate beneficial innovation that:

  • Captures Carbon from our air
  • Filters our Groundwater
  • Encourages Pollinators
  • Heals Eroding Indigenous Soils
  • Creates Middle Class Jobs
  • Grows Local Canadian Economies
  • Reshores the Canadian Textile Industry
  • Supports Canadian Women Entrepreneurs


So, we got to work

Cobbling together an agricultural, fashion, business education. Centering our business model on the resilience of our grandmothers.

  • To build a System in greater Harmony
  • Rooted in Regenerative Agriculture
  • Transformed and Fortified by Masterful Millers
  • Given new life by Designers, Makers and Dreamers


With every purchase You

  • Support Canadian Ecological Agriculture
  • Ethically Rebuild Canada's Textile Manufacturing Industry
  • Empower Women Entrepreneurs throughout our Transparent Supply Chains

Thank you for reading and Welcome to Olive+ Elliot.