About Us

We aim to make a sustainable lifestyle easier to practice.  

By promoting brands that are environmentally responsible and socially just. 


Olive + Elliot began when we shifted our thinking from 

clothing as a petroleum and chemical product to an agricultural one. 

Synthetic materials are ubiquitous in fast fashion and highly toxic.  

However, rooting our fashion supply chain in local ecological farming  

is an opportunity for climate beneficial innovation that:

Captures Carbon

Encourages Pollinators

Heals eroding Indigenous Soils

Creates Jobs

Grows Local Canadian Economies


 So, we got to work.

Cobbling together an agricultural, fashion, business education.

Centering our business model on the resilience of our grandmothers.

To build a System in greater Harmony;

Rooted in Regenerative Agriculture;

Transformed and Fortified by Masterful Millers; and

Given new life by Designers, Makers and Dreamers.


With every purchase You:

Support Canadian Ecological Agriculture

Ethically Rebuild Canada's Textile Manufacturing Industry

Empower Women Entrepreneurs throughout our Transparent Supply Chains


Thank you for reading and Welcome to Olive+ Elliot.


Image of grazing sheep on a foggy day with a rainbow appearing in the skyline at Ferme Sol in Wakefield, Quebec