Canadian Tuxedo Vol.001

Canadian Tuxedo Vol.001

Good morning readers and Happy Mother's Day,

Welcome to the first issue of the Olive + Elliot publication:

Canadian Tuxedo

Canadian Tuxedo: woman in denim overalls standing against a barn wall covered in dried flowers. The sun is shining and she is wearing a sunhat. There is a wood table nearby with vases of dried flowers on it.

Canadian Tuxedo gets its name from the so named denim on denim fashions. To us it's an ode to the days when Canada and Dominion Textiles in Montreal were a global epicentre for denim production.
Within these pages you will find discussions about textile manufacturing in Canada, tips on sustainable fashion, as well as the latest interviews with our local textile producers. Of course we'll also share the stories behind our latest products sourced from Canadian fibre farmers, artisans and authors. 
A market table with Canadian yarns, fabrics, wool and milkweed fibre, crochet and weaving kits, natural dye seeds like indigo woad and weld. A crochet pig and a crochet chicken made from Canadian wool are on display, so is a handwoven Canadian wool shawl. The table cloth is turquoise and the products are in neutral natural tones like cream, grey, brown, taupe, etc. Thank you Ottawa.
It is with great joy and humility that we say a huge Thank You to Ottawa, the Hintonburg Community Centre and the organizers and fellow vendors at the Hintonburg Fabric Flea Market. We had an absolutely wonderful day on Saturday, April 30th at our Soft Launch.
We are overwhelmed with the support from customers and inspired by the stories and conversations we shared that day with everyone who came by. 
Among the products we had on offer included:
Canadian wool yarns by Ferme Sol, Revolution Wool Co and Wool 4 Ewe; 
As always, happy self care Sunday
xo. O+E
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